Peace of Mind and Reassurance

delivered to you in a freely attachable biometric wearable for your horse

Our technology empowers you to build on the unbreakable bond you have with your horse


sets the pace

We are all about reducing death and injury in horses, improving their sporting performance and preventing the transmission of infectious diseases in real time 24/7



Currently, owners, trainers and breeders cannot monitor the well-being of their precious horses in real time 24/7; and veterinarians cannot monitor sick or injured horses in their care in real time 24/7


During stage 1 of labor, a pregnant mare is 13 times more likely than a gelding or stallion to experience a life-threatening Colic event, that requires urgent human intervention within 4 hours of first signs.

Mare in stage one of labor


Most equine diseases and disorders can be successfully treated if early veterinary intervention is sought. 


Prevention starts with simple but vital biosecurity measures in the stable. First and foremost, temperature check. A high temperature is normally the first sign of an unwell horse.

Prevention is Crucial

Despite their formidable size and power, horses die prematurely of undetected diseases, disorders and self-inflicted injuries in their stall, especially during the nighttime hours when they are left unattended



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