Alan Wielunski started floating around the idea of developing a “Fitbit” for horses in 2015, after witnessing one of his son’s horses Colic. At the time, he didn’t know that Colic was the number one cause of death in adult horses and primary reason for emergency medical intervention. In short, a horse owners worst nightmare. 

He discussed the idea with his long time friend, former work colleague and technology expert, Marton Miklos. Marton quickly came on board with the idea, but to round off their extensive entrepreneurial and business experience, they required a top veterinarian to join the team. 


They approached Dr. Orsi Kutasi, who is a  well respected clinician and researcher in equine internal medicine.  She confirmed that there was an urgent need for a  wearable for horses that would monitor, detect and alert the owner and vet at the first sign of distress, symptomatic of life threatening diseases and disorders associated with colic, stall cast, foaling and transmission of infectious diseases. 


In July 2016, Steed Equine Monitoring Solutions was officially founded. 

Moving Forward

Like many other startups in the market, the last two plus years have been extremely challenging for us, individually, and as a company. That has not affected our enthusiasm and drive to continue with Steed’s product development. The pandemic has taught us that technology is not something that separates us from our horses, but essential in developing our equestrian skills, and most importantly, real time access to their well-being. Biosecurity issues are now at the forefornt of concerns facing the horse industry and regulators. At Steed, we are adding features and functionality that will address these concerns and more. Thank you for your continued support.

Our Vision

To be the global leader of ground-breaking wellness and performance technology solutions for the horse industry.

Our Mission

To deliver monitoring systems that effectively and accurately detect a wide range of equine diseases and disorders and provide advanced analytics for the benefit of horse, rider and veterinarian.

Alan with Sunny

Alan Wielunski


Alan has been involved in the horse world for over 20 years. He brings with him 25+ years of business and financial management experience with multi-national companies and 16 years as a Senior Commercial Specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service

Orsi Kutasi


Dr. Orsi Kutasi, DVM, Phd., Dipl. ECEIM, has 21+ years of experience as a clinician, lecturer and researcher in equine internal medicine. She was the first to diagnose the lineage 2 West Nile virus as the cause of the outbreak of equine encephalitis in Europe

Marton Miklos


Marton has more than 20+ years of IT and R&D management experience in implementing large scale  IT road maps for multi-national companies. He successfully  launched a home automation startup and also runs an IT security consulting company