Steed has developed the world’s first freely attachable biometric wearable for horses that monitors, detects and alerts owners, trainers, breeders and vets at the first sign of distress, symptomatic of life-threatening transmissable diseases and disorders  in real time 24×7.

Below, are some of the key features and functionality that we plan to incorporate in Steed based on the feedback I received from horse owners, breeders and vets. If you want to be part of our journey, then I encourage you to contact me.


Steed measures your horse's all-important body temperature in two ways. Via a skin sensor and/or the new bio-thermo ID chip with a bio-sensor. Readings are viewed in real time on your Steed app. No need for an external scanner and additional app. It does away with time consuming and labor intensive rectal examinations.

Heart rate and respiration rate

Unique game-changing onboard heart rate sensor continuously detects your horse's heart rate under ALL conditions and respiration rate. No need to waste time connecting electrodes that are dependent on good skin contact to get an accurate reading.

activity tracker

Your horse's wellness, movements and behavior can be viewed on the Steed app. dashboard 24x7.

rfid chip reader

Unique onboard RFID reader pairs automatically with implanted standard ID and bio-thermo chips. A security alert will be sent to your Steed app in case the device is intentionally removed from your horse by thieves or unintentionally during abnormal hours.-

veterinarian dashboard

Your vet can view on their own dashboard your horse's wellness, activity and receive alerts in case of distress. Important for monitoring injured or post operative horses under their care.


Distress and security alerts are sent to your mobile app. via text message, call or email. Online and offline.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging mat can take up to five devices at once. A fully charged device can operate for five days. Next step is remote charging.


Concerned about the location of your horse in the paddock? Geofencing uses RFID, GPS or cellular data to pre-program, view and receive on your Steed app. alerts in case your horse enters or exits a pre-defined boundary setup around a geographical location.

data communication

All data communication is encrypted with enterprise grade 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standards).

cloud storage

All the data relating to your horse's wellness and activity is safely stored in the cloud.