Steed sets the pace


July 12th marks the day when our first prototype ever touched a horse. Literally. The naked version of the electronics without the final design was tested on a beautiful horse named Nomad.
The sensors were first tested on one of our developers to ascertain if the data was registering and processing correctly. Before putting anything on a horse we want to make sure that nothing can go wrong, and there is zero chance of any damage to the horse. That’s why our tech team is testing the sensors on themselves first.
The in-house tech tests went surprisingly well and we arranged a field day in the countryside. The sensors worked well; all data was logged and transformed for processing. We are adjusting our algorithms right now and running the extensive field testing process. This process was prepared by Orsi, our in-house Chief Veterinary Officer and it took several weeks to document the process itself.
Orsi wants to make sure that the testing and algorithm fine tuning runs like an academic study. This is how serious she takes this. And that’s why we love her passionate support.
We would like to thank Konstantin Lovas Birtok (Konstantin Equestrian Center) for their ongoing support.
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