So Big Yet So Fragile

Horses get injured very easily even in the safety of their stall

Horse owners need to monitor and protect their beloved and precious assets 24×7

Veterinarians have no way of monitoring sick or injured horses in real time

Most equine disorders and diseases can be successfully treated if early veterinary intervention is sought.

The #1 cause of death in adult horses and the primary reason for emergency medical intervention is Colic, which tends to strike in the middle of the night

In the U.S. alone there are 920,000 cases of colic reported every year, of which 64,000 horses will face life threatening complications

The value of horses lost in the U.S. is assessed at $70 million with the total cost to the industry estimated at $144 million p.a.​


Currently there are no effective monitoring solutions on the market to protect the welfare of horses!!!